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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Pretty & Quick Hairstyles Tutorial for Long Hair

Braids are often deemed as the quickest, easiest hairstyle practically anyone can rock. This includes a pull through braid. While you may not be familiar with the name, I believe most of us have at least seen a pull through braid once in our lives. That being said, it’s not always easy to recreate the hairstyle.

Quick Hairstyles Tutorial for Long Hair: 
Pretty quick hairstyles tutorial for long hair

Pull through braid

But there’s no need to panic! Now that everything’s up online, you can easily find tutorials on different pretty quick hairstyles, including the pull through braid. Blogger Grace via her website, Grace&Braver, has generously provided us with a special pull through braid tutorial. Grace’s long and thick blonde hair is definitely a determining factor of the end result, but as long as you follow her step-by-step guidelines, you can also rock the pull through braid hairstyle.

I must say it looks way more complicated to do than it actually is! All you'll need is a large clip and a few clear elastics. So lets get started...
  1.  Start by making a section at the top of your head, and tie it into a small pony tail.
  2.  Clip the ponytail you just made out the way so you can grab another section just below this.
  3.  Now create a new ponytail just under your first one. Unclip the top pony and you're ready to go!
  4.  Split your first section into two. Just like picture 4.
  5.  Grab your clip and clip up the lower pony tail in between the two sections you just made.
  6.  Next, grab the two sections over this and tie with a clear or hair coloured elastic.
  7.  It should look something like this.
  8.  Now continue going down your hair, repeating steps 3-7. Collect more hair from the sides as you do.
  9.  Always remember to clip the solid ponytail up in between the split ponytail.
  10.  Continue down as far as you fancy, then secure the whole plait with an hair elastic.
  11.  Here's my favourite bit, slowly pull out the plait as much as you want, the bigger the better!
  12.  You should now be done!
For a more detailed tutorial, you can check out her blog post. Make sure you pay close attention, so you can perfectly create this pretty and quick braid hairstyles for your long hair! 

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