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12 Flattering Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are fashionable and versatile .Especially ,for those who have hair of bit deeper shades ,the caramel tone will come out perfect on you .Many celebs have flaunted caramel highlights on the red carpets ,which has boosted the trend ,even more, for caramel highlights .

If caramel highlights are done as lowlights ,which means that 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural hair color , it generates a beautiful noticeable and attractive look .

The list below of 12 Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights pictures can help you decide the style in which you wish to get caramel highlights on your hair .

Color Roots

Medium brown hair color works best for bob/straight hair with caramel highlights.

Color Roots

Dark brown braided hair

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights,super french braided hairstyle.

Dark brown

Caramel Hair Color

Beautiful Long brown hair and the caramel charm.

Caramel hair color

Brown Eyed Gorgeous

Cute long Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights - Sexy Long Hairstyle with Bangs 2014 .

brown eyes

Dark Hair

Love this darker color!!!Even with the highlights! liven up your dark hair with some subtle highlights.

Dark hair highlights


Caramel brown highlights with dark brown low lights.

dark brown lowlights

Perfect Caramel Highlights

Carmel peek a boo highlights with dark brown hair

caramel highlights

Beautiful Ombre

Caramel highlights ombre hair. Dark this far down, and let color fade. Pretend my hair the length it is (white out below that length) and this is it!!

ombre brown hair

Unique tone

Dark Hair With Caramel Highlights - Warm reds and coppers- Brown red and soft copper are chosen as warm color.

Brunette hair

Well blended brunette hair color with caramel highlights fixed brassy highlights color correct brown layers

Brunette hair color

New Hair Color

The caramel accent on beautiful hair.Brown hair with chunky multi highlights.

brown hair color

Natural Look

Chocolate brown hair color with dark caramel highlights gives a very, soft natural look. 'Highlights' doesn't necessarily mean blonde!
natural dark brown

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