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Cute Easy Hairstyles - Hair Tutorial Step by Step: Top Knot Bun

easy hairstyles tutorial top knot bun

Looking for cute easy hairtsyles?  No time to blow out your hair? Toss your strands into a bun: These cute easy hairstyles will help you pull off a last-minute look that feels styled and chic enough for both a day at the office or a night on the town.

Top Knot Bun 

While this bun serves as a fun party cute easy updo , it’s a classic style that’s suitable for everyday wear too. Start with a tight, high ponytail to achieve a sleek and professional look that has all the benefits of the easy top knot bun.


Prep your hair with loads of dry shampoo to add grip. Now create a high ponytail at the crown and tie with a band. As a rough guide, aim for the spot roughly in line with the end of your ears. A bit further forward on the head looks more edgy. Too far back doesn't quite work. Trust your gut instincts. Pull out a few tiny wispy hairs around the front of the face. Tip: don't pull the ponytail too tight for a more casual effect


Hold your ponytail vertically and back-comb to double the size. This is the most important step: if you have fine hair, try and backcomb every little section to get loads of body.


Now loop the hair over one hand and create a real knot with the hair near the base of the ponytail, even if you only manage to pull a few strands all the way through! Tip: if your hair's not long enough to do a knot, simply twist the hair around the hairband to create any shape you desire.


Now pull the knot into a messy shape that you like. Aim for a good amount of width, not just height.


Pin around the edges of the knot to keep it in place and mist with hairspray. Voila!

Created with the help of Alexis Day

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