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Saturday, October 14, 2017

8 Shades of Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde is one of the most popular shades of blonde as it is seen in women of various ages and skin colors, there are so many ways to go blonde! Golden blonde hair color is a natural-looking, multidimensional mix of butter, gold and honey hues that looks beautiful, although it looks best on women that have pale peachy or golden undertones and green, hazel, or light brown eyes.

Golden blonde hair color is a natural-looking, multidimensional mix of butter, gold and honey hues.

This natural-looking sun-kissed blonde color is best achieved with balayage highlighting.

Shades of Golden Blonde Hair Color

Nothing says luxury like gold—so why not take that idea and apply it to your hair color? Now is the perfect time to make over your mane with one of this spring and summer’s trendiest hair colors: golden blonde.
Find the details on going golden blonde below. Get your inspiration right here!

celebrities with golden blonde hair color
Celebrities with Golden Blonde Hair

Golden Blonde Hair Color Chart

Below are photos of different of celebrities with golden blonde hair.Celebrities with golden blonde hair color.

To get the perfect golden hue you are looking for,  read on the rest of the article.Golden blonde hues range from dark golden brown to light golden blonde (5-6 shades). Here is a sample of various golden hair swatches .

golden blonde hair color chart swatches
Golden Blonde Hair Color Chart Swatches

Golden Blonde Hair Color Formula

Golden hair can be easily achieved by anyone without bleaching unless you are starting with very dark hair and you want to go for a light golden blonde.if you want to add more depth to your natural golden color here are some formulas you could try out:

Professional or DIY It
When it comes to coloring your hair golden blonde, it’s all about your base. If you’re starting with a dark base color, then it’s best to go see a professional since becoming a blonde will require bleaching. And the darker your base color, the more work it’ll take to achieve your desired result.

Right Shade of Golden Blonde for You
Once you’ve determined whether to visit the salon or color your hair at home, it’s all about finding the right golden blonde hue for you.

If you’re a blondes 
Starting out with fair, flaxen hair gives you a jump start on getting a golden color. Warm up your basic blonde with gilded highlights and lowlights, instead of changing your base. The multitude of shades and tones can offer you a natural look with a gorgeous glisten.

If you’re a brunettes
Taking tresses from dark to light is no small feat, but warm-toned blondes are easier to pull off than icier or cooler ones like platinum or ashy blonde. Make sure you work with a professional colorist who can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

golden blonde natural hair color picture
Golden Blonde Natural Hair Color Picture

Light Golden Blonde

Nene Leakes clearly knows blondes have more fun. To breathe new life into her pixie, she opted for a color that complements her darker brown complexion.

nena leakes light golden blonde hair
Nena Leakes Light Golden Blonde Hair

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Light golden blonde hair can be achieved at home by using a lifting agent or bleach and the hair dye of your choice or a hair dye in light golden color and a 30-40 vol. developer.

elizabeth olsen's light blonde and ashy dark blonde hair color
Elizabeth Olsen's light blonde and ashy dark blonde hair color

Medium Golden Blonde Hair Color

Medium Golden Blonde color is ideal for natural blondes or light brown gals who just want to brighten up their existing tone one shade. It is also great for brunettes with hazel eyes and golden or neutral skin undertones like for example Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Jessica Alba.

Dark Golden Blonde Hair Color

Dark golden blonde will always be a gorgeous color, Getting dark golden blonde hair is easy for someone who's already blonde, but harder for someone with black hair, and hardest for someone with dyed dark hair. It doesn't flatter everyone, but it's a great option for blondes looking to go darker, or brunettes looking to go lighter. And while golden tones don't look great on everyone, they are really glowing and gorgeous on the right people (usually, people with peachy, golden, or yellowish-tan skin).
dark golden blonde hair color picture
Dark Golden Blonde Hair Color Picture

Golden Blonde Hair Color with Highlights & Low lights

If you want to add even more depth and dimension to your natural golden color, you could try the following highlight and low light combos like:
  • Platinum highlights
  • Red highlights
  • Brown highlights
  • Light blonde highlights
  • Brown low lights

For a natural sun-kissed result, it’s best to go to a professional salon.
dark golden blonde hair color with red low lights
Dark golden blonde hair color with red low lights

dark golden blonde hair with highlights
Dark Golden Blonde hair with highlights

Golden Blonde Hair Dye on bleached Hair

Golden blonde hair dye on bleached hair (bleached to a pale blonde with neutral undertones) is very easy to achieve and usually requires a 20 vol. developer if you are going for something a tad darker without going too dark.
However, if you want to go from a pale platinum blonde to a dark golden shade, it’s best to go to the salon as home kits may work at first but after a few washes, your bleached blonde hair will turn into an ashy color with a greenish tint instead of a rich golden blonde.

Golden Blonde Hair Dye on bleached Hair

Golden Blonde Hair on African American-Dark Skin

Golden blonde hair is a shade that has been worn for years by many dark-skinned celebs like Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Ciara, and Iman and show that way that not only fair skinned gals look good with this shade.
Golden Blonde Hair on African American Women
Golden Blonde Hair on African American Women

If you have grown tired of your black or dark brown African American hair, perhaps you could try out a golden hue, especially if your skin has neutral to golden olive undertones.

celebrities with golden blonde hair color dye

Depending on how willing you are to maintain your color, there's a shade that's perfect for you and your skin tone which paired with fair complexions and lighter eye colors such as pale blue or hazel.


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