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Learn How To Get Simple Straight Hair And Headband

When it comes to hairstyles, nothing beats a simple straight hair and headband. After all, it’s a classic! The hairstyle is modern, polished, and most importantly, easy to do. You just need to pick hairstyles that complement it to create the look that you’re envisioning.

But, before we get to the hairstyling part, first you need to determine what the shape of your face actually is.

If you grew up watching a lot of high school-centric TV shows the way I did, I’m sure you envied the preppy hairstyles and outfits the girls in those shows sported. So, here’s a hairstyle inspired by those looks. Her straight hair pulled back by a headband and big dangling earrings work well to add width to her round face.

  • Prep your hair with some heat protestant
  • Picking up 2 inch sections of hair at a time, straighten all your hair
  • Brush back all your hair and put on your headband to finish off the look.

  • What you need to get simple straight hair are heat protestant, straightening iron, headband. We love the look of this simple straight hair and headband! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair.

    What I love most about this style is how elegant and chic one can look, while spending mere minutes on their hair. Simple straight hair and headband are best for round face shape. Hairstyle doesn't need a large amount of instruction, but there are several key tips and tricks that will help perfect the style, while certainly making it easier and faster for everyone.

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