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Learn How To Create Messy Side Fishtail Braid

Learn How To Create a Messy Side Fishtail Braid. A messy fishtail side braid is a perfect weekend or casual look!We love the look of fishtail braids! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair.

Messy side fishtail braid hairstyles best for round face shape.This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair.

When it comes to celebrities with round faces, Drew Barrymore definitely tops the list. To streamline her cheeks and give more structure to her face, she went for a super messy and voluminous side fishtail braid.The hairdo goes especially well with her sexy black dress and dangling earrings.

  • Start off by spraying loads of texturizing spray all over your washed, dried hair
  • Part your hair on one side
  • Sweep all your hair over to one side then split your hair into 2 sections
  • Loosely fishtail braid these 2 sections by alternately picking up a thin section of hair from the outside of one section
  • and adding it to the inside of the other section,Secure the end of your braid with a hair elastic.

What you need for messy side fishtail braid are Texturizing spray ,Hair elastic .Secure the end of your braid with a hair elastic.I love her hair, the color, the style, the look. No one can do messy like her. In fact I have yet to see her with a clean look.

Messy side braid. Wish my hair was long and thick enough for this. You just need to pick hairstyles that complement it to create the look that you’re envisioning. But, before we get to the hairstyling part, first you need to determine what the shape of your face actually is!

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