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Learn How To Create Fake Mohawk Braid

Learn How To Create Fake Mohawk Braid. Not quite in mohawk territory yet? Never fear!Fake mohawk braid hairstyles is a perfect for black women with natural hair. This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair.

Fake Mohawk hairstyles best for round face shape.

If there’s one person in the entire world who carries off a pixie cut with panache, it definitely has to be Ginnifer Goodwin. She looks like an odd mixture of adorable and badass with this fake mohawk style that miraculously works for her.

  • Get your hair cut in a pixie cut, with hair that’s longer on top and shorter on the sides
  • Blowdry your washed hair while brushing the top hair upwards
  • Blowdry your washed hair while brushing the top hair upwards.

What You Need for for Fake Mohawk Braid are Blowdryer , Round brush, Hair gel.Try this look if you have a round face and you will not be disappointed.

Now that you’ve got all your measurements, it’s just a matter of comparing the numbers to determine your face shape!. It also makes you look comfortable and confident. The final step to having a professional beauty look? Don’t forget to smile! A smile makes you seem warm, approachable and enthusiastic about what you’re doing.

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