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11 Rose Gold Hair Ideas You’ll Really Go Wild For!

Rose gold hair has been popular for quite some time now, and to be honest we don’t see it dying out any time soon. It’s still one of the favorite choices among hair color trends of 2018! From Kiley Jenner to Emma Roberts, many celebrities have rocked the look. Check out these 11 hairstyles to give you all the rose gold hair inspiration you need

A stunning blend of red, pink and blonde shades created the perfect mix of rose gold hair that truly complements any skin tone and is also quite wearable.

Whether you want to dye all your hair or just add a few highlights to enrich your natural color — rose gold is exceptionally versatile. Use the following inspiration and work with your colorist to achieve the dreamy and classy rose gold hair!

11 Rose Gold Hair Ideas You’ll Really Go Wild For!

glossy rose

rose gold hair color on brunettes

rose ombre on brown hair

shades of pink

rose gold highlights

rose gold hues

pastel dream

balayage with rose gold

rose gold balayage

pixie rose

rose gold lion mane

peachy rose gold

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