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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Sexy Hairstyles Men Love to See on Women

Looking for sexy hairstyles men are attracted to? Men actually have a very adequate definition of women’s hairstyles they love. Each man has his own type whether he admits it or not. Check out this honest article written by a man to find out what kind of hair types most men like.

Some guys love nothing more than to see the sexy curve of a woman's neck on a special evening. We'll bet you'll be able to tell which one he likes best.
Sexy Hairstyles Men Love to See on Women

Wanna know exactly what your man loves? 
Test him! (In the best way possible.) "One of the keys to a great relationship is to know your man," says New York City hairstylist David Groshen.
There are of course guys who are absolutely set on their type, but for normal guys who like both, they can lean one way or the other at times.
"Know his triggers... Have your hair be a signal, the same way prolonged eye contact and a twirl of hair between fingers is a signal that allows a man to confidently initiate the first move."

What Type Of Hair Do Men Like To See On Women ?

Do men like long hair or short hair better?

Long hair has always been and always will be one of the pinnacles of female attraction. Gorgeous flowing hair is eye-catching, and can be a big plus if it’s clean, combed, and well taken care of.
The longer, the better. Really, really long hair always catches attention. A girl’s hair is beautiful, so naturally, a lot of it is a good thing.
Long Sexy Layered Hair Men Love to See on Women

Poofy, curly hair is great too but in a different way. The texture of wild curly hair feels amazing in the hands, especially as a guy who has very straight hair.
It’s hard to stop playing with it once you start. It can be a huge plus for guys like me who get kind of obsessed with it playing with it and can’t stop. It’s also nice during sex to grip hair that has a lot of texture.
Sexy Short Hair Men Love to See on Women

Short, cute haircuts have a way of accenting a girl’s other features. If the girl wears earrings, a necklace, or has a tattoo on the back of her neck or somewhere else around there, a short haircut will let it stand out.
Short haircuts can also be styled in more than one way, so that gives you options if you have short hair.
Let your tresses do the talking!✌👩

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