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8 Best Ideas for Highlights on Every Hair Color

best hair color highlights ideas
Hair color highlights have become such a craze that it is not only gaining popularity but the hair stylists and the fashion conscious individuals are always experimenting with different new shades and color combinations.

If celebrity 'dos have taught us anything over the past few years, it's that highlights can drastically differ. From sun-kissed to cool contrasts, chunky to near-invisible, these stars prove that there are virtually options for brightening up your dull strands.

Best Hair Color Technique

A lot of factors enter into finding the right recipe to achieve your dream hair color, including your starting color and the type and condition of your hair. That’s why a trained salon professional will have to make the final decision on how best to color your hair to achieve the results you’re looking for. The recipe to the right, formulated by a HairFashionOnline color expert, will help inspire your colorist.
Thinking about making a change? Browse hair color ideas in top shades like deep brown, vibrant blonde, red, and ombré. Check out celebrity inspiration for the best hair colors to update your look, from gorgeous highlights to wild hair colors. Find expert-approved at-home color kits and tips for dyeing your own hair.
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Find Best Hair Color and Highlights

Whatever your highlight history, it's time to think about revisiting them. Highlights offer the ability to switch up your hair color without getting a dramatic overhaul, and they can bring depth and life to an otherwise blase brown or dull blonde. And lazy-girls, rejoice: The latest trends in highlights allow you to go a full six months between touch ups. 

The key to great, natural-looking highlights, say experts, is knowing what shades will work best with your hair color. 

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8 Best Ideas for Highlights on Every Hair Color

1. Classic Blonde

There's a reason you rarely see solid shades of blonde — it just looks so pretty with selected strands of lighter tones. See: Reese Witherspoon. 

2. Auburn Accents

Rich mahogany highlights give Maya Rudolph all the complexion-flattering benefits of an auburn shade without fully changing her dark brown base.
highlights maya rudolph

3. Shimmering Strawberry Blonde

Leslie Mann's strawberry blonde shade is brightened by lighter, less-red highlights concentrated toward the lower half of her length.
highlights leslie mann

4. Blended Bronze

The variations in Kate Walsh's bronzy auburn are so seamless and subtle, we wouldn't be surprised if her colorist used the color-melting technique.
highlights kate walsh

5. Only the Top Layer

The ideal option for indecisive salon-goers, this look lets you keep your rich dark color while highlighting only the top layer. Do like Tina Knowles and ask your stylist to make that layer a little shorter than the rest of your hair, for a flattering shape.
highlights tina knowles

6. Golden Glow

An ample amount of honey highlights on Halle Berry's dark brown base give her a true beach-babe look — no hair wrap required.
highlights halle berry

7. Illuminated Ends

Chrissy Metz gets the best of both the brunette and blonde worlds with a rich shade of brown throughout most of her length, and a touch of honey blonde highlights on the ends.
highlights chrissy metz

08. Brightened Brunette

With ample blonde highlights that enhance her wavy layers, Allison Janney's medium-brown hair looks absolutely stunning in natural light.
hair color highlights allison janney
Maybe you had a head full of highlights -- bright blonde strands scattered on top of your dark brown hair -- and wish you could transport your current colorist back to your life circa college. You know, so he could talk you out of those fake-looking streaks. 

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