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Saturday, February 10, 2018

12 Sexy Hairstyles Men Love on Women

12 Sexy Hairstyles men love on women
Looking for sexy hairstyles men are attracted to? No matter what your hair length, texture, or what level of styling skills may be,
we’ll give you easy to follow tips to take your locks from boring and lifeless to polished and touchable.
Men actually have a very adequate definition of women’s hairstyles they love.
Try a quick twist sexy hairstyles on any of these styles each time you create it to keep your partner eyeing the details of your style while keeping his attention on you without saying a word. Glamour though conducted a recent poll of men, attempting to determine which sexy hairstyles men find the sexiest on women. Most of these style take just minutes to create but promise to leave a lasting impression.

12 Sexy Hairstyles Men Love on Women:

1. 70's Hippie Vintage Hairstyles

Hippie,straight and sure to grab the attention of every guy you pass, this 70's hippie vintage hairstyles inspired look is timeless and classic. We love this style paired with long curls as it gives the look an intimate, touchable factor that’s impossible to ignore. 
70s Hippie Vintage Hairstyles

2. Classic Bob

A classic bob features a uniform length that is bluntly cut to give a dramatic effect. The bob is one of those hairstyles that is surprisingly versatile. 
Classic Bob

3. High Ponytail

When you straighten your hair (or have naturally straight hair) and don’t feel like wearing it down but want to look put together, a high ponytail is the solution to your hair woes.
High Ponytail

 4. Long Layered Hair

Ultra touchable and equally versatile, a long, layered hairstyle lets you show off your length while keeping your hair fun. Long layers in your hair can create volume and texture naturally, making styling it simple.
Long Layered Hair

5. Long Straight Hair

The envy of many, long, healthy straight hair is a timeless hairstyle that will have your significant other dying to run his fingers through your locks. Long straight hair requires more commitment than people may think
Long Straight Hair

6. Loose Waves

Loose Waves

7. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

8. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

8. Retro Pinup Hairstyle

Retro Pinup Hairstyle

9. Side Parted Layered Haircut

Side Parted Layered Haircut

10. Slightly Messy Hair

Slightly Messy Hair

 11. Wet Looking Sexy Hairstyle

Wet Looking Sexy Hairstyle

12. Medium Short Wavy Bob

Medium Short Wavy Bob

Each man has his own type whether he admits it or not. Here is what most guys think about different girls’ hairstyles and which ones we consider to be best.


  1. I personally only find the long hairstyles attractive

  2. I personally only find the long hairstyles attractive