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10 Hottest Caramel Balayage Ideas For Brunettes

10 hottest caramel ideas for brunettes-cover
Balayage blends two different shades together seamlessly, melting one color into the other, which is why it’s become such a popular technique.
Balayage is a glorious natural hair coloring technique which has swept the hair scene by storm.Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.

Balayage works on both light and dark hair and pretty much for all lengths except very short cropped hair. All you really need to do is protect it: use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner, regular treatments and heat protection when styling.
Today I’d like to show the most 10 hottest caramel balayage hair ideas for brunettes, let’s have a look.
These are some of our favorite caramel balayage balayage hair ideas to inspire you!

Caramel Balayage

I can’t imagine anything more natural-looking than dark hair with caramel highlights, it looks sun-kissed, sexy and chic. Such a feminine and fresh modern look! Leave your natural brunette hair as it is and add caramel highlights of the shade you like or even make the roots darker to create a stronger contrast. There are different shades to choose – both dark and caramel ones, get inspired!

10 Caramel Balayage Ideas For Brunettes

02 straight black hair with rich caramel highlights

03 rich and shiny brunette base with dark caramel sunkisses

04 beachy waves on black hair with caramel balayage

05 dark brunette balayage with caramel shades

06 long dark brunette hair with caramel balayage

07 long dark brunette hair with caramel balayage

08 long brown hair with caramel highlights

09 caramel brunette balayage bob with dark smudge root

10 dark chocolate hair with caramel balayage

11 warm brunette hair with caramel and light balayge by Kate Beckinsale

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