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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Appropriate Professional Beauty Look For Office

Figuring out hair and makeup that’s suitable for your work can be a daunting task. Some offices are super reserved and some are more easygoing, but no matter what kind of office environment you’ll be working, there’s a fine line between overdoing your professional beauty look and not doing enough. You want how you look to reflect how put-together, polished and reliable you are. With the help of career experts and a beauty expert, we pulled together a few dos and don’ts for making your beauty look appropriate for the office.

Definitely even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer or some sort of foundation. I will definitely advise against bedazzled nails or any designs that will cause distractions.

If needed, Some of the key things to have on hand include a toothbrush and toothpaste, Band-Aids, a tinted lip gloss, a hair band and anti-frizz serum, nail polish remover pads and face powder.” With this bag on hand, you’re ready to face any beauty challenge that might come your way during the workday!.

  • Don't wear heavy makeup
  • Do keep your hair well-groomed,dO be prepared for anything
  • Don't douse yourself in perfume.

Overall, Cooper and Kleiman recommend a polished look—and really, there's no need to spend a ton of time on it. Even something as simply as a ponytail can look totally office-appropriate!At your internship, less makeup is more. Keep your look as natural and light as possible. Your supervisors want to get to know YOU, not an overly done-up, caked-on-makeup version of you! Heavy makeup can detract from your natural beauty, and it’s also a hassle on your part to apply every day.

If you’re at a more conservative location—like finance, for example—it’s best to stick with a classic neutral one. The final step to having a professional beauty look? Don’t forget to smile! A smile makes you seem warm, approachable and enthusiastic about what you’re doing. It also makes you look comfortable and confident.

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