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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Best Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Best hair color ideas for black women. Are you itching for a change, too? As a black women dying your hair, it can be difficult to find the shade that perfectly compliments your natural color, your eye color, and natural undertones of your skin. Go ahead redefine yourself and surprise everyone with a fresh new look this fall and check out some of these ladies for major inspiration!.

Your skin tone is an asset, and you should flaunt all of your assets and emphasize them with the right hair color.

It’s been quite a few years since vibrant shades of hair hit the surface which continues to dominate the beauty trends.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Rocking exotic colored hair will never be overrated, and while some people may think bold colored hair is just a trend, the hair community knows better! In fact it’s been quite a few years since vibrant shades of hair hit the surface and it continues to dominate the beauty world. Stick to colors that compliment your natural beauty to prevent a look that has too much contrast to guarantee it enhances your look there are some further tips about looking after your hair color here.
If you’re looking for a few fresh ideas find some inspiration with these bold and fierce hair colors for black women.Browse through images to find what fascinates you the most. 

Auburn Hair Color For Black Women

While bold hair color hues and blonde were huge hair trends for black women last year, it's all about embracing the burn (Auburn to be clear, not anything in the first, second, or third degree) this Spring. Auburn is a vibrant brown shade that varies in tone from copper to rust to cinnamon. It pops severely on brown skin, and is universally flattering on lighter and darker skin.

Bright Red Hair Color for Black Women

Fiery red locks are a head turner and a fiery red hair color looks stunning in contrast with darker skin. Black women’s hair tends to be more porous than others which means it will absorb the luscious red color so that it’s bright and permanent.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color for Black Women

Chocolate brown is a subtle, natural-looking hair color with warm undertones that are flattering to most African American skin tones. This shade looks gorgeous as an all-over color, as well as paired with other shades. Caramel highlights are a popular look with chocolate brown hair that creates a beautiful contrast.

Dark Blonde Hair Color For Black Women

Freshen up your hair color in spring with a blonde color. Dirty blonde is flattering on medium to light skin tones with the mix of dark and light throughout the hair. Beyonce and other celebrities have made this color a trendy option.
The most popular blonde hair color that stylist offer black women is the dark or the so called dirty blonde. This neutral light and warm shade is the thing you need to lighten up your complexion and to create a fancier image of you. The cool dirty blonde is also bale to bring out your eyes whether they are dark, light or in cute hazel hues.

Light Brown Hair Color for Black Women

Among light brunettes there is one subtle and natural-looking brown hair color to combine with dark and warm complexions. There are countless light brown options for black women and a light brown is a great option for women with naturally black hair. It’s the ravishing and trendy light brown.
There are different tones of a light caramel blonde that can be achieved different ways such as all over honey highlights or an all-overall color. This hair color is closer to the charming caramel and therefore compliments brown eyes and tanned skin.

Natural Hair Color Trends For The Fall

Perhaps you went light brown or blonde for the summer, and you are looking for a change this fall. Well, here are five hair color trends that are worth considering. Red ,auburn ,Sombré , deep brown ,Medley - Finally, there is what I call the “medley” (a mix of at least three colors), which can add dimension to your hair.

Ombre Hair Color for Black Women

Ombre is on trend and it’s a great way to lighten your hair without getting an overall dye job. Black women are at an advantage for the ombre look because black hair mixes well with all shades of dye including blonde ombre, purple ombre, or red ombre. The caramel brown ombre is a great and natural look for black women.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

When it comes to blonde shades black women should be careful not to fail the final effect. It’s important to create a well-balanced and pleasing hairstyle. In this case the haircut plays a great role. While rich auburn is beautiful on long hair, platinum blonde requires short haircuts to keep the harmony with the darkness of the skin.
Short platinum blonde bobs and pixies are the best hairstyles for black ladies. This shade tends to lighten up your face and to draw attention on your dark shiny eyes.

While there are no wrong hair color answers, the best hair color ideas for dark skinned black women are ones that set off the rest of your features and complement your personality.

For both light and dark skin, there are corresponding hair color shades that work better than others.

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