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7 Short Bob Hairstyles, Men Loves to see on Women

More and more lately, Bobs have always been quite the hot favorite among celebrities from Beyonce to Coco Rocha ,short hairstyles are taking over. From shoulder-length hair to blunt bobs, there are many ways to go about styling them on a daily basis.
7 short bob hairstyles for women

Here,we are putting forward our selected

7 best of the best short Bob hairstyles,men loves to see on women -

Short Natural Bob:

Natural curly bob with golden tones

Short Natural Curly Bob Hairstyles for Beautiful Womens.Celebrity Glenn Close shows us that it’s perfectly fine to show your natural beauty. Instead of hiding behind fake colors, Glenn Close shows off her beautiful naturally gray hair which is surprisingly elegant and free. She gives her hair a generous side part which is incredibly trendy and cute, then adds some long, romantic curls for a very dazzling look. This is an easy hairstyle that comes out with an amazing finish just perfect for movie night with the husband or a fancy holiday dinner party at your neighbor’s house. Spruce up your same old medium length haircut with a few loose, romantic curls and some modern long side bangs.

Really Short Curls:

Short Natural Curly Bob Hairstyle

What’s not to love about Glenn Close’s hairstyle? She starts off with an incredibly short cut with longer layers in the back, which frames her round face amazingly well. Then she adds some slight curls to her entire mane, leaving her with a bit of a textured design that looks fascinating. Paired up with a black blazer and simple earrings, this casual hairstyle is as comfortable and subtle as it is romantic and charming. Definitely a hairstyle (and haircut) to consider no matter where you’re headed for the evening.

Messy Bob:

Short Messy Bob

If you have short bob or medium bob hairstyle, you can create beautiful bun up-do or creative twisted hairstyle that will be great option.
When you want to cut your hair short but don’t want to go too short, bob haircuts are always the answer. This wonderful ‘do from Diane Keaton cuts off right above her shoulders, which is the perfect length for her face shape.

The perfect combination of browns, blondes, and natural gray gives her a natural grace that can’t be missed while the simple layers add some depth to her locks. This is truly a wonderful hairstyle, and don’t forget to get the youthful bangs to really complete this hairstyle with ease!

Medium Waves:

Medium Short Wavy Bob

There’s a few things to love about this wonderful hairstyle from Susan Sarandon. We can start off by mentioning how fabulous her chocolate brown hair color is, this shade of brown being especially flattering on women over 50 as it adds a youthful and exquisite glow without being shocking. Secondly, we adore her fabulous loose waves which gives plenty of flirty attitude to her look. Lastly, Susan Sarandon finishes off her style with some wispy bangs, which of course are absolutely on-trend and look beautiful on her face. If you’re looking for your next hairstyle, we highly recommend this one. It’s super versatile and looks great on any woman!

Lovely Curls:

Short Wavy Hair

Jaclyn Smith makes it seem so incredibly easy to look beautiful with age. Here she’s sporting a bit longer hair with big, voluminous curls that are alluring and romantic. Curls always look elegant and feminine on women and are an easy way to amp up your look. Paired up with dangly earrings and soft pink lips, Jaclyn Smith gets a refreshing and youthful makeover that is absolutely stunning. Definitely a hairstyle that’s suited for the Red Carpet!

Messy Updo:

short bun updo

Updos are ridiculously hot this year, being amongst the top 3 hairstyles to sport in 2014- so it’s only obvious that we would include Susan Sarandon’s messy updo. We love this hairstyle because there is plenty of volume on top to give it that chic and mod look while the wispy bangs and loose strands around the face add a splash of delicateness to her appearance. Paired with this lovely dark purple dress and dazzling jewelry, Susan Sarandon looks like a beautiful fashionista that’s ready for the Red Carpet. Recreate this look in just a matter of minutes and look fabulous!

Half Up Top Knot Bun Short Bob Hair

Raquel Welch is one of those ladies who look wonderful no matter what. She could have a brown paper bag over her head and still look amazing (somehow). We love her side swept hairstyle with tons of volume because it is invigorating, flirty, and totally on-trend. Her long layers flip back incredibly well for a bit of flirty style while the teased locks gives her a voluminous boost that is almost always necessary. Forget leaving your hair straight to the sides- add some volume like Raquel Welch and reap the amazing stylish benefits!

Short Shaggy:

Short shaggy Hair

We all know the classic Jane Fonda short shag haircut. It’s been a staple in Hollywood for many years now, and we still can’t get over how lovely the cut is. The short layers give her mane plenty of bounce, and the flips flowing away from her face brightens her look and gives her a vibrant and shiny appearance.
Chin Length Shaggy Bob

The series of short shaggy layers is super stylish and is so very versatile. Tussle it up like Jane Fonda for a flirty and funky ‘do or settle it down for a more structured and elegant style.

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