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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Caramel highlights for brown hair

Caramel is a warm hair color, hence while getting caramel-colored highlights on brown hair, one needs to select the brown color which is a warm shade too. So, that these two colors complement each other nicely. As you will be selecting warm hair colors, select a warm shade of brown like a combination of chestnut brown hair and caramel highlights.

Whenever coloring hair, your skin tone and eye color is taken into consideration.

In caramel color, there are many shades of caramel; so select a shade that complements the base of brown hair neatly. This year the trend of deep brown hair with caramel highlights is in. Check out how you can get it.

  • Warm brunette shade,people who belong to the warm category
  • Warm skin tone and eye color
  • Cool skin tones and eye color.

As mentioned above caramel is a shade of warm color, hence it needs to be accompanied with a warm brunette shade too. People who belong to the warm category, can have warm skin tone which can be freckled complexion, brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones or a ruddy complexion. The eyes can be golden-brown eyes, hazel eyes with brown or golden-colored flecks, greenish-blue eyes or green eyes.

If you have natural warm brown hair which are a shade of dark brown or golden brown or of chestnut shade then, you should go for caramel highlights. If you don't have natural warm brown hair, but have warm skin tone and eye color, then dye your hair with a shade of warm brown color first and then get caramel highlights.

Combinations like dark warm brown with caramel highlights, chestnut hair with caramel hair highlights, deep chocolate-colored hair with caramel highlights, and golden-light brown hair with highlights of caramel look superb. People with cool skin tones and eye color should avoid getting this color, as it can make their face look drawn or sallow.

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