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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

5 Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Women

In the event that you need to switch up your blonde a smidgen, include somewhat of a warm honey tone. Honey blonde supplements almost every skin tone and heading into fall it can be the ideal expansion to your blonde locks.Honey Blonde is a work of art, delicate blonde with sweet honey tones and a lavishness stolen straight from the honey pot. It's refreshingly basic and multi dimensional Color Tones feature the best in your Hair and appearance and not at all like other option Blonde shades, the Honey Blonde is much more comprehensive and versatile to an assortment of skin tones.Below, we have compiled our top 5 ideas for styling your honey blonde hair color.

Confused...before we jump into that, let’s take a look at how you can dye your hair in this beautiful shade Each shade of blonde can even have an assortment of sub-shades. let’s take a look at what you can need to consider before coloring your hair in this beautiful shade .

What Need To Consider

  • Box of honey blonde hair color (Make a perfect honey blonde)
  • A Colorist
  • Styles /Looks you want
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color

How To Color Your Hair Honey Blonde

  1. The perfect Honey Blonde mix is a 50/50 ratio of Golden Blonde and a Natural Blonde.For the most part, it's best to remain inside two levels of your common hair shading when passing on your hair blonde.
  2. A decent colorist knows how to color any shade of hair blonde, and can spare you the distress of a terrible result. All things considered, while going blonde, there are a wide range of approaches to break the standards. Despite what you're searching for, recall that the most critical thing to do when kicking the bucket your hair blonde is to look for the assistance of your hair colorist. 
  3. What sort of styles or look would you say you are after? Do you need a wild or sun-kissed look or natural? Or, on the other hand do you need in-your-confront blonde style?
  4. Consider your skin tone. Is it true that you are reasonable, medium or dim cleaned? Your appearance will influence how your hair looks when you go blonde.
  5. Eye color matters while choosing the best blonde hair shading for you. A few shades of blonde are best with blue, green or hazel eyes, while other blonde tints look best with huge dark colored or bruised eyes.

 5 Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

Image: Instagram 
Let's begin somewhat delicate, should we? On the off chance that a full head of blonde hair is not your style, at that point a balayage will be ideal for you. This warm conditioned balayage begins off with a delightful profound shade of coppery on top that melts into a caramel dark colored and closures with nectar blonde to make a beautiful hair look.

2. Honey Blonde Hair Color Chart

Honey Blonde Hair Color Chart
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Honey blonde is thought to be among the level 7-8 shading code go as it inclines toward the medium to light blonde side. Some expert review recipes for getting a Honey blonde shade are: L'Oreal Majirel in shade 3 (one section) + shade 8.4 (one section) + 1 ½ part of 30 vol. developer in the event that you hair is dull to medium dark colored or a 20% volume designer if your hair is light blonde already.Matrix So shading in 8.43 (one section) +shade 9.03 (half part) + 1 ½ part of 30 vol. designer for lifting dull or medium dark colored hair and 20 vol. developer for hair that is now a pale shade of blonde.

3. Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage


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Add a dash of shine to your dull hair by going for this balayage look. The chocolate darker base shading functions as an incredible canvas for hand painting nectar blonde features onto it. The subsequent complexity between the chocolate and honey tones is staggering, without a doubt.

4. Copper And Honey Blonde Balayage


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Can't settle on going red or blonde? Go for both! A copper shade functions as the ideal base for unpretentious nectar blonde features that upgrade it by including only a smidgen of measurement. Leave your hair long and styled in waves to benefit as much as possible from this look.

5. Beige Honey Blonde


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The thing with hand painted hair shading is that it looks regular and immaculate the way no other method can. Look at this look, for instance. Shades of beige and honey blonde have been expertly painted onto a light dark colored base to give her hair that immaculate sunkissed shoreline bum 
Aside from asking for straightforwardly from makers like Revlon, Garnier, Naturtint or L'Oreal Paris among others, honey blonde hair mind items are additionally accessible among a few operators like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or Winn Dixie. Additionally check in your close-by drugstore in the event that they can have a few packs for you.

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