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Easy Hairstyles Tutorial Infinity Bun

Infinity Bun Tutorial : Easy hairstyle step by step

Easy Hairstyle Infinity Bun

This Infinity Bun is a little tricky to master, because it requires a tight grip on the hair and a bit of maneuvering to get the right shape. With a bit of practice though it can be done. When creating this updo, work with the ponytail in sections so the twist is easier to work with. Once you’ve mastered the steps, you will love the unique shape and design of the bun.

materials for Infinity Bun


  • Paddle brush
  • Maximum-hold hairspray
  • 1 clear elastic band
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • 8–10 bobby pins

Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 2

1 Start by brushing the hair back into a ponytail that lines up with the top of the ears. For a sleek look, brush the hair back and spray the top and sides with hairspray before brushing over it again. This smooths down flyaways and creates a more seamless look. Tie off the hair with a clear elastic band. Then comb through the ponytail to remove any tangles.

Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 3

2 Divide the ponytail into two halves, a top and a bottom. Twist the top portion upwards for the first part of the infinity.

Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 4

3 Next, lay the twist against the head to make the first part of the infinity symbol. It should create a “C” type shape. Pin down the twist with bobby pins as you go so it maintains its shape.
Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 5

4 Wrap the twist around the base of the ponytail. Now pick up the bottom half of the ponytail (the part that was originally left down) so you can combine it with your twist. Gently comb through the loose hair at this point if it has started to get tangled. Twist all the hair together and begin wrapping the hair upwards for the second half of the infinity. Be sure to pin as you go so it maintains its shape.

Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 6

5 Now create the other side of the infinity symbol by wrapping the hair up towards the top of the head, then curving it back around, creating a backwards “C” shape, and wrapping the ends of the hair underneath the bottom of the infinity. Be sure to pin as you wrap so it stays in place.

Infinity Bun hairstyle tutorial setp 7

6 If the hair is really long, wrap the twist back up the left side of the bun and tuck the tail underneath the twist to hide it before securing it with more bobby pins. Mist the entire style with hairspray to ensure that it holds throughout the entire day.


When wrapping the hair around for the Infinity Bun, keep the twist tight and the bun small. It is easier to loosen the twist afterwards, and if you start the bun out too large there may not be enough hair left over to create the right side of the bun. Gently loosening the bun at the end will also help hide the bobby pins and the extra hair that is wrapped around the left side if you end up with a tail that is too long.

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