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18 Easy Homecoming Updos Hairstyles

18 cute & easy homecoming updos ideas. These 18 super cute easy homecoming updo hairstyles will keep you current in style and looking your best.
Homecoming updos hairstyles come with the first chance of the school year to get all dressed up and fancied out. If you have medium or long hair, you have plenty of options when you’re looking for a formal style that will accentuate your dress and wow your friends.

Homecoming Updos That Really Make A Splash

Style something special for homecoming. Your updo may not be as fancy as a prom hairstyle, but it definitely should be something heartwarming, like lively curls, messy braids or cute twists. Here are some nice ideas to choose from.

#1: Sectioned Updo With A Messy Feel

This hairstyle involves sectioning off, rolling various parts of the hair and pinning them at random. It works best on straight hair with a bit of thickness. Of course curly girls and fine-haired ladies can work a little harder to pull it off as well.

#2: Braided Bun

Some homecoming updos are sweetly simple, like this classic braided bun. It’s gorgeous on thick hair but achievable with any hair type. All long-haired gals will easily pull it off for homecoming fun.

#3: Formal Prom Hair Updo

If you’re struggling to find interesting homecoming hair ideas, check out the prom updos available online. They are beautiful and perfectly suited for the autumn season as well. This style works best on long hair. Tease the underneath for volume before beginning to braid.

#4: The Braid Hawk

Those looking for a homecoming updo that goes against trends will love this “braid hawk” that looks gorgeous without any need to be perfect. If you have highlights or lowlights, get ready to flaunt them in the most beautiful way, because they will definitely shine in this hairstyle.

#5: Rolled Curl Updo

Roll hair into a classic pin curl look, and be sure to catch any loose strands with a curling wand. Add some flowers for a lovely accentuation that will romanticize any head of hair for homecoming.
For this homecoming updo, focus on finding a pretty hairband with a round elastic. Hair is tucked and twisted for a romantic, maiden-inspired hairstyle that will fit in any formal occasion.

#7: Easy Voluminous Knot Updo

This easy voluminous knot updo is a definite “must have” for thick long hair. Its success depends upon strong elastics, setting spray and tapered bangs. Try this classy, vintage look for homecoming.

#8: Fishtail Bun

Did you ever take the time to master that fishtail braid? Now you can combine it with a low bun for a homecoming updo that’s simple yet beautiful. Add in some smaller braids along the way for additional dimension and intricacy.

#9: Embellished Braided Updo

This braided updo is simpler than it looks, and adding some romantic flowers can cover up any mistakes made along the way. Brush hair straight back for top volume, taming any fly aways with setting spray.

#10: Twist Bun Homecoming Updo

Instead of French braiding your hair, use only two sections to create a rope twist on both sides of the head. Then, wrap the twists up at the nape of the neck and secure with hair pins.

#11: Knot Braid Updo

This is one lovely updo that will work on shorter, finer hair – making it a popular choice for many high school girls who regret their hair chop over the summer. Use a comb, hair elastics, hair pins and a strategically placed mirror – this hairdo is relatively simple to complete.

#12: Primped and Polished Homecoming Updo

If this is your last homecoming before graduation, think about how far you’ve come personally since your freshman year. Don’t you deserve to try out a sophisticated style that can only be pulled off by lovely upperclassmen? Don’t forget to find a couple of cute elastic headbands that accentuate your hair without distracting from your dress.

#13: Twist & Pin Updo

Just as the name suggests, this hairstyle involves plenty of twisting and pinning – the best part is there really aren’t too many rules as to where the twists need to lay. Get creative with it, working with your own scalp contours and strand lengths.

#14: Homecoming Pony Updo

Great for homecoming, but also totally acceptable for the gym, this hairstyle involves twisted side sections, secured into a standard ponytail. Simple and lovely.

#15: Ballerina-Inspired Updo

Taking a cue from beautiful ballerinas, this sweet and simple bun works well on shorter, finer hair as well as long, thicker strands. Finish off the look with a satin bow to add that perfect balance of femininity and glamour.

#16: Homecoming Updo With A Braided Side Bun

Another sweetly simple hair style ideal for a casual day or a special occasion, the braided side bun combines styling skills we all learned back in elementary school. Put them together and you instantly have a grown-up version of some childhood favorites.

#17: Braid-And-Bun Homecoming Updo

Combining a French braid with a bun, you’ll achieve a beautiful look that won’t soon be duplicated. This hairstyle might take a few tries to master, but with a little practice, you will be looking creatively beautiful in no time.

#18: Homecoming Updo With A Fishtail Twist Bun

Start with a side fishtail braid and then pull the rest of your hair into a messy bun. Then, wrap the braid around the base of the bun and secure with hair pins. This will work well on any hair – shoulder length or longer, and can be flaunted at a formal occasion or just on a regular nothing-special day.

Homecoming updos can range from simplistic to intricate, depending upon what style of dress you’re wearing and how much time you’re willing to put in. As with any formal hairstyle, be sure to practice ahead of time to reduce stress and any mishaps.

With just a few simple twists of the hair, you can turn up your side ponytail from traditional to textured and fun. Totally rockin’ hairstyle! Easy updos don’t have to mean messy fashion faux pas. These 18 super cute easy homecoming updo hairstyles will keep you current in style and looking your best.


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