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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Short Haircuts For Women 2016

Women short haircuts are easy, convenient, and stylish no matter what your lifestyle or hair texture.

Our definition of Short haircuts: All hairstyles that are chin length or shorter. Whether you currently have a lob nearly past your shoulders or recently took the plunge and got an amazing pixie haircuts for short hair, there’s tons of new ways to make your short hair look extra special.

Short is the perfect length to put a little added effort into your look to give it some holiday glamour and sizzle.

Short haircuts for mature women range from simple and elegant to fun and sassy, and can be easy to create.The following styles are not only flattering for mature women, but are easy to create as well.Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t style it extra special for any occasions. We hit different websites to uncover the best of the best new cute short haircuts for women, so pick one of the looks below and have fun!

short haircuts for women

Sporty short haircut with a fringe

The eternal fashion favorite, a fringe, is seen here in a sensuous multi-length incarnation with delicate texture. It is the center of attention and it seems as if the rest of the style was built around it.
short haircut fringe

Sexy sideburns, long layers and a curved contour with high lift on the crown come together for a riveting short hair cut with volume and spunk. Elegant, sporty and simply bedazzling it is taken to perfection in a highlighted soft brown.

Short haircut that lengthens the neck

Dominant bangs and long textured side burns set a bold tone which is infused with a lighter state of style through tousled strands on the crown and in the back. A graduated rear lengthens the neck and gives the short hairstyle a slender and well coiffed appeal. The hair color is a subtle play of a dark coffee brown with a shiny hazelnut.
short haircut that lengthens the neck

Sporty Wet Look for Short Hair

She looks as if she just came out of the shower with the light wet look in her short hair and the minimal make-up. This short cut is all about the movement and the edgy texture in the ends which are shaped like a wing on the side of her face.
sporty wet look for short hair

A high wave indicates a retro influence to this androgynous hairstyle. Her color is a very smooth and very dark brown, treated with a gloss spray all of the sparkles come out!

Short Hair with Sharp Contours

These contours could not be any sharper. A precision cut with cult status. Straight lines, angles and rounded parts come together as a perfectly balanced sculpture. The neck is graduated for a smooth fit and the forward plunging line of the side begins just behind the ear and was cut so that just the edge of her earlobe peeks out as an additional design element.
short hair cut with sharp contours

Everything in this cut is meticulously planned and executed. The front is dominated by the diagonal side fringe, as straight as a ruler. Her dark brown hair color has a black cherry sheen, which makes her complexion appear like precious ivory.

Short Haircut with a Nape and streaks of hair color

A feast of features catapults a pageboy inspired, short haircut into a new dimension. Graphic lines and the most refined use of geometry are accentuated by streaks of hair color. Blonde, light brown and tones of dark and light red bring light to the dark base and are in harmony with the shape of the cut.
short nape haircut

A thin section of hair drops down in front, as thin as a veil and with the stripy texture that we also see in the application of the color. What a genius marriage of shape and color! Another little splash of color sits in the very short nape. Almost hidden, but so precious as an unexpected detail.
short haircut with ruby red

Short helmet shape haircut with a silver color

The hair seems to float on her head and is a masterpiece of modern hair cutting techniques. Like magic neither the fringe nor the sides touch the face and this modern helmet of hair made for the urban princess defies gravity. Magic it is not involved, but an amazing stylist was.
short helmet shape haircut with a silver color

The hair color adds to the cosmic energy of the look with a silver base and lilac streaks that accumulate especially in the fringe area. Precision cut and with the color underlining the design and expression, this is a step into a new dimension of hair art.

Once you've decided that you are ready for a short haircut look, there are many different types of styles to consider. Understanding the basics of each short haircut style can help you choose the one that will look best for you and work best for your life and personality.

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