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Fashion Tips- Body Shape to Get the Best Dress

Body shapes are easily defined. You may look at yourself in the mirror and describe your body as curvy, slim, defined, muscular, tall, short or straight - and that's just for starters. You're on the right track with these very descriptive words, because they're the starting point for the wardrobe choices you make.

Tips for Your Body Shape

Understanding Your Shape to Get the Best Dress

When it comes to dress shopping, it's important to recognize your shape so that you can shop for the styles that will most flatter your figure. If you're not sure of your body shape, go through the various traits and see what defines each to help you find the best fitting dress.

  • Hourglass shapes are rounded and curvy. The graceful curves of this shape are marked by a well-defined waistline, full hips and thighs and a medium or large size bust.
  • Inverted triangle shapes are large on top, with a generous size bust and a thick waist, and smaller on the bottom, with narrowed thighs and legs.
  • Oval shapes are balanced from top to bottom. A large bust, thick waistline and large hips define the oval.
  • Rectangle shapes are straight and somewhat squared, with little to no definition at the waistline, straight legs and torso, narrow hips and a may have a flat derriere.
  • Triangle or Pear shapes have narrow shoulders and torso, a small waistline and large hips. Extra weight is usually carried in the thigh area.

fashion tips for apple shaped women

Where to Shop

Though the selections online are incredible, it's a good idea to go to the store first and try on a few styles prior to purchasing anything. Also remember that many brands subscribe to the school of vanity sizing, so keep that in mind when shopping at certain stores. Check out these stores for outstanding styles that cater to all body types:

Lord and Taylor
New York and Company

Fashion Tips- Enmbrace Your Shape

No matter what shape your body takes, embracing it is the first step to dressing it well. Learn your body shape and stick to the pieces and silhouettes that work with it best. You may be surprised at just what the right dress can do.

skirts for hourglass body shapes

Exactly What Is the Best Dress for My Body Shape?

No more asking yourself, "What is the best dress for my body shape?" in frustration. Chances are you've done a bit of searching already for a fabulous dress, maybe even picked out a few, but are still none the wiser about actually dressing for your shape. 

Take a peek at the types of dresses that work overtime to highlight your assets and keep pesky trouble spots cleverly concealed. Consider not only the specific cut and style of the dress, but also the details and where any embellishments are placed. To get started, figure out what shape your body is.

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