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Best Skirts That Flatter Your Figure

Finding the dress that best flatters your figure and conceals any trouble spots is quite a task..Finding your best assets and showcasing them will help you feel and look great.The vast selection of dresses out there doesn't help, either. Take a look at what styles and details best fit your figure to make dress shopping easier and more fun.As with all apparel, skirts can be made in a variety of different fabrics -- which typically determines if the skirt is casual, professional, or evening wear.

Best Skirts That Flatter Your Figure

Choosing Skirts That Flatter Your Figure

In addition to choosing the best style for your shape, proportion is also an important component when choosing skirts. It is important to balance out your silhouette. For example, if you are wearing an oversize top, you want to keep it slim on the bottom and vice versa.

Mini Skirts for Great Legs

A mini skirt hits mid-thigh and can vary in how close it fits the body. Surprisingly, a mini skirt can hide a multitude of flaws (especially if it is a fuller cut), but the one thing it cannot hide is your legs. This is the best choice for someone who wants to take the focus away from other parts of their body such as their stomach or arms and highlight their legs. However, it is important that the silhouette is balanced out with more coverage on top and a flat shoe as to not be too revealing. Paired with an oversized t-shirt and flat sandals, this style is a great look for a casual occasion such as a summer barbeque.

Wrap Mini Skirts

Sarong Style for Apple Shapes

A sarong or wrapped style skirt works very well for someone who is trying to take the focus off the mid-section of her body. The style originates from scarves tied over a bathing suit, though designers have adapted the style and translated it to day wear. These skirts usually hit the knee and are made out of fluid fabrics with some stretch, like jersey. The cross body draping is very flattering and naturally creates a slimming effect. Try to avoid one that has an actual tied knot at the waist, as that can create excess bulk. Paired with a fitted long sleeve top and a high boot, this would look great at a casual cocktail party.

Pencil Skirts for Athletic Shapes

A pencil skirt is a classic shape that is cut close to the body and hits at the knee, usually with a slit up the back. This style works well for someone with a slim, toned figure, as it is not very forgiving. Pencil skirts are synonymous with 'power dressing' as they are often part of a skirt suit, though they can be sold as a separate as well. This is an excellent option for a corporate office setting, especially as part of a suit paired with a silk blouse or thin knit sweater and pumps.

Pleated Skirts for Boyish Frames

A pleated skirt can be a great choice for someone with a straight, boyish figure. These skirts can range in length from mini all the way down to the floor. There are also a variety of pleats, ranging from very close together accordion pleats to further spaced box or inverted pleats. It is important that a pleated skirt fits well. This style should be fitted around the waist, but there should be enough room that the pleats hang as they do on a hanger and are not being pulled or stretched across the body. Worn with a cropped jacket, fitted tee and kitten heels, this is a great look for a luncheon.

Maxi Skirts for All Body Types

A maxi skirt is a long skirt that comes below the ankle. It is usually cut fairly full, making it a great choice for almost all body types. However, it is important to maintain balance. As there is a lot of fabric with a maxi, its best to pair it with a fairly fitted top. 

If you are on the smaller side, make sure the cut is not too full as you don't want to overwhelm a small frame. Maxis come a variety of fabrics, often in beautiful printed silks. They are a great choice for an easy day to night look. Worn with a casual tee and flat sandals, it's a great look for day, paired with a silk camisole and heel, it can work very well for evening as well.

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