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Top 6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

It is perfectly normal when you lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. But when the hair loss exceeds this figure, then we start observing bald patches or hair thinning. Actually, it is a condition which is known as alopecia.

However, this article will show you some home remedies for hair loss. If you follow the hair remedies properly described in this article, hopefully you can easily overcome the hair loss problem.

Top 6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss
Top 6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair remedies:

Onion and Garlic:

Use onion juice As a Hair Loss Remedy

Onion and garlic, both of them are considered as the traditional medicine of hair loss solution. Both of them are rich in sulphur. You know, sulphur increases the production of collagen and collagen is really very important for growing new hair.
Chop the onion into fine pieces, then squeeze the juice out. Apply it to the scalp and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse it properly with the mild shampoo.
Use garlic As a Hair Loss Remedy

For garlic, crush the glove of garlic and add some coconut oil in it. Mix it properly. Then apply it to the scalp. Try to do it weekly 2 or 3 times for getting the best result.


Use coconut milk As a Hair Loss Remedy

Coconut milk is full of proteins, essential fats and minerals for example potassium and iron. If you use it regularly, it will reduce the breakage of hair. For your kind information, coconut oil consists a lot of rich ingredients and it makes the hair stronger right to the root through the shaft to the tip. Grate the coconut and squeeze out the milk. Then mix it with water. Apply to the specific area where you notice the thinning or balding. Leave on overnight and rinse it through the water in the next morning. It really works!


Use henna As a Hair Loss Remedy

From the beginning, henna is known as the natural hair color and conditioner. It is also very important for strengthening the hair. For getting the best result, try to combine it with mustard oil.
Take about 250 ml. Mustard oil in a tin can and then add in about 60 g of washed and dried henna. Mix them properly. Then boil the mixture until the leaves get totally burnt. Filter the oil through muslin cloth. Then cool and store the oil. You must need to use an airtight container for storing purpose. Try to use it daily.
Nowadays, in the market, you will find hair renewal pack consists of 1 cup of henna powder with half a cup of curd. You can also apply it to your hair and then rinse it through cool water and mild shampoo.


Use Hibiscus leaves As a Hair Loss Remedy

It is considered as one of the vital elements for reducing hair loss. It has rejuvenating properties. Even, it is very also beneficial to your hair. First of all, it will nourish your hair. Secondly, it prevents premature graying. Thirdly, it helps to cure dandruff. Regular use can prevent hair loss permanently.
Crush a few flowers and mix it with coconut or sesame oil. Then make a beautiful paste and apply it to your scalp and hair. Finally, leave on fora few hours and then rinse it properly through cool water and mild shampoo.


Use amla oil As a Hair Loss Remedy

Amla contains Vitamin C and it is rich in anti – oxidants. It is considered as one of the perfect solutions for most hair loss. It is also helpful to consume it on a daily basis because Vitamin C is very essential for your health.
Crush the amla fruit and squeeze out the juice. Add two teaspoons of the powder or the juice into an equal quantity of juice freshly squeezed from a lime. Mix it properly and apply it to your scalp. Leave it to dry after applying and then rinse through warm water.


Use eggs As a Hair Loss Remedy

Eggs are another vital and essential source of sulphur. The importance of sulphur I already described before. Moreover, it contains a lot of protein and minerals for example, iodine, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. All of these things will make an excellent promote of hair regrowth especially when you mix it with olive oil.
Egg oil is very important for reducing hair loss problem. Take some egg oil and massage it into the scalp. Then leave on overnight and rinse it properly in the next morning. Better if you use mild and herbal shampoo while rinsing as because it remove the natural lipid and make your hair brittle and dry as well. Try to use this oil weekly two or three times and at least for 12 weeks in order to get the best result. Regular use is very important for proper nourishment in your cell membrane.
For your kind information, egg oil is stable and mess free. You can buy it online or you can also make it at your home. Continue massaging with egg oil prevents hair fall and graying. Actually, egg oil not smells like raw egg yolks. There is no denying fact that it is more convenient than egg yolk masks. Are you worried about salmonella? Please don’t get worried. There is actually no chance of happening this type of thing if you use this oil. For those who haven’t any idea about salmonella, I just like to tell that it gives infection in the scalp.

In sum up, from the above, it can easily be said that all of these hair remedies are very effective and useful for preventing hair fall problem.

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