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3 Beautiful Golden Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair differs from levels 7 ( dark blonde ) to level 10 ( pretty light or platinum blonde ).Similar to different hair colors both natural and artificial , blonde hair may come with undertones for example red,blue,ash or golden.Good examples are strawberry blonde ( blond with reddish tones ) or golden blonde (blond with golden tones). 
Golden blonde hair often known as "sandy" blonde.
Blonde hair is normally more popular in Europe or America .

People who have natural fair skin are generally accompanied with blonde hair and blue eyes .But,you will discover often exceptions. 

Golden Blonde Hair Color

golden blonde

Light Golden Blonde

Light Golden Blonde is a light blonde shade with golden tones which are generally most flattering on people who also have a complexion with freckles ,or people that have naturally light blonde to light brown hair ,with golden tones in their skin.

Light Golden Blonde Hair

This color will not go well with olive-toned skin .
You should never work with this shade on hair deeper than light brown .If added to hair darker than medium blonde ,it will certainly lead to brassiness.

Medium Golden Blonde

Medium Golden Blonde is a blonde shade with golden tones and it will likely be most suitable for people with neutral toned or warm toned skin ,preferably people whose natural hair color is at least light brown .Great for masking greys.
medium golden blonde hair

You should not use on hair previously dyed darker than medium blonde .
Do not use on virgin hair that's darker than light brown.

Dark Golden Blonde

Dark Golden Blonde is a dark blonde shade with golden tones and will be best for people with warm toned skin.
This color will not go well with olive-toned skin.

dark golden blonde hair

You should use this shade on hair between level 9 light blonde to level 7 dark blonde. 

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