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Saturday, March 29, 2014

6 Fantastic Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

Coloring the hair is among the perfect techniques for changing your looks.Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead ? Red is leading craze right now .It doesn’t mean that you need to get the very first pack of dye you see in the local beauty shop and shade your hair. 
If you’re thinking about dying your hair strawberry blonde make sure that is complements your skin tone before taking the plunge .For those who have warm skin or pink undertones then a red-blonde/strawberry blonde hair color or shade can truly compliment your natural look .
Get motivated by these blonde as well as copper swirled hair coloring methods .The results are strawberry blonde ,which create super hair color.

Strawberry Blonde Colors

Rose-Gold Strawberry Blonde Hair

Choose gold using this amazing new hair color trend .Rose gold has many options and certainly taken over in the jewellery departments.
Request your colorist to boost your color by
-alternating a golden blonde with a light strawberry red highlight
-add the balayage technique for a more natural feel.


hair color Strawberry Blonde

Light Strawberry

A copper-blonde is simply as beautiful as light strawberry blonde .The lighter you decide to go with the copper red color the more of a strawberry blonde color you should have.Strawberry blonde/honey blonde ,among the rarest natural colors ,can be useful for warm-toned persons .
Their skin is light ,with red or pink undertones that's why it really compliments the color .Nicole Kidman is among celebrities who enjoy light strawberry blonde hair color .

light strawberry hair color

Copper Strawberry Blonde

You can try short bob haircut with blonde and black color.This hair color best suits on asymmetrical and pixie haircut. 

hair color copper blonde

Strawberry Blonde and Red

Strawberry blonde combines red and blonde,however it still looks truly natural. Perfectly balanced red and blonde hair color looks extremely well on women with pale skin.Nicole Kidman has the perfect mix of blonde and red.

strawberry blonde and red hair color

Blonde with Strawberry Highlights

A strawberry blonde color doesn’t always need to be a lot more strawberry than blonde .Adding red to your lighter locks is a pretty approach to secure a less severe blonde color ,therefore if you’re considering blonde hair but are concerned that it won’t look great then pick this strawberry highlights .

Strawberry blonde color

Dark Strawberry

Some hair shades require more care compared to others .If you decide on the shade that complements your natural palette ,you certainly will not need to color it once again .However for those who ,colored dark strawberry blonde hair color on natural light blown ,be prepare to preserve your hair against fading and the sun .

dark strawberry blonde hair   

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