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Friday, March 28, 2014

6 Amazing Dark Hair Color Ideas

Calling all brunette bombshells ! Are you considering yourself a brunette beauty ?Do something interesting with your hair and look from “simple” to “Extraordinary !” with one of these brilliant stunning dark colors.Enjoy and 
stay with the details of Trendy Fashion !

If you look great as a brunette, why not spice things up slightly by planning deeper ,darker and more “Amazing !” looks with your hair color ? Find the 
ideal dark color for you in our inspirational gallery.Here are a few ideas to try.

Black Cherry

Add a rich cherry or a brighter extension or two to your dark hair.Dark brown red cherry coke long hair color,try this black cherry.

Dark brown red hair color 

Soft Dark Auburn

Slight bangs are styled onto the forehead.Catherine's haircut is long and layered.The dark hair color with light hints of Auburn look romantic,and gives soft fantastic color.

romantic dark hair color

Long brunette hair with highlighted auburn undertone.

auburn dark hair color

Black Violet

long violet dark color
Perfect dark brown / black hair with a hint of violet for the fall and winter.

long bob violet dark hair

Darkest Brown

Darkest Brown hair are just perfect with bangs for long hair.Try this Long dark hair with bangs.
dark hair color with bangs

Blue Black

The perfect amount of height,straight and blue make this dark hair look so amazing for black hair.

blue black dark hair color
Also you can try this Blue peek-a-boos.

dark peek-a-boos hair

Dark Ash

The ash of this hair color will complement the red or blue undertones and will not wash you out or make you look ashy.

ash brown dark hair color

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