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7 Amazing Rich Shades Of Brown Hair

Some of the greatest brunette shades consist of gorgeous rich auburn,warm red and pretty caramel highlights.
The lightness or darkness of hair color is rated on a range of one to 10,with one being a jet-black and 10 being a platinum blonde.
Most brunettes fall in the two to five range ,allowing them to go lighter or darker.When you go two levels lighter,you’re likely to get a really rich,
warm brown. 
Under dark-medium brown hair are usually a strong red tone.Because brunettes get quite strong underlying red pigments ,adding a dye will raise the top color of the hair and bring out these reddish tones. 

When choosing the perfect shade of brown,take a look at your skin tone first.
All you will need some understanding on perfecting your shade .That starts with matching your brown hue with your skin tone . 

brown hair

Golden Brown

A faint brown, with hints of golden in it, this color looks gorgeous with almost any skin tone. 

Rich Golden Brown

Caramel Brown

Take all the celebrities sporting this color as a cue and get some highlights if not a full mane.Rich chocolate brown and warm caramel is perfect for those with light to medium warm complexions.

caramel brown hair

Auburn Brown

Auburn accents give this brunette a kick! This hair color will look killer with light blue or brown eyes and warm skin tones.

Rich brown auburn

Ash Brown

Cinnamon Churros is a medium ash brown with golden accents.

medium ash brown hair

Chestnut Brown 

Nothing like a deep, dark chestnut brown to make your hair look classy and elegant.
Chestnut Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Chocolate Brown

You can take mousey brown hair and deepen it to a rich chocolate shade.
rich chocolate brown shade

Dark Brown

Deep dark brown that is nearly black shows tons of shine.
rich dark brown hair


  1. Beautiful shades of brown hair color,i just love it.Cheers

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