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Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes: How to Choose

The ideal hair color can enrich your natural charm which make you look younger .
Switching your hair color is truly one of the simplest approach to enhance 
your overall look .
Choosing the right hair color is extremely important,simply because your hair color 
should not just complement the color of your eyes ,however it also needs to flatter 
your skin tone . 
If you have blue eyes ,then take a look at some of the most stunning best hair color 
shades on you . 

hair color blue eyes

Find your Skin Tone Type

To find your skin type ,tanning method is an easy and great way .When you exposed to the sun ,if you burn quite easily,you got a cool undertone however if you tan easily when exposed to the sun ,you have a warm undertone . Definitely you can find exceptions , still that's the basic idea . 

Hair color Blue eye

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes 

Blue Eyes with Warm Skin Tone
Best hair color shades for Blue Eyes with warm skin tone :Copper , burgundy , chestnut , honey brown , mahogany and golden brown . 

best hair color for blue eys and pale skin
Tips : These types of rich ,warm shades brightens your skin tone and also tends to make your blue eyes pop .
Additionally you can go with highlights ,which are a fun way to add depth and movement to hair .

Blue Eyes with Cool Skin Tone  

Best hair color shades for blue eyes with cool skin tone are:
Ash brown , platinum blond and light auburn . 

hair color for blue eyes and cool skin
Tips :
Avoid copper and bronze hair color shades because they often look drained and also haggard.
Usually ,the lighter your skin tone , the more lighter you can choose your hair color .

auburn hair with blue eyes and pale skin

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