How to Find Perfect Red Hair Color for Your Skintone

Is Red Right for You?

Red hair is eye-catching — it's mysterious and sexy, a little exotic.On the right person, with the right attitude, it can be really striking. However, it can also be high maintenance.

How to Find Perfect shades of Red Hair Color

If at least two of the following apply to you, it may be right to go ruby:

Your skin tone is on the pink side. There is a "right" red out there for most females,but females with light,cool or pinkish skin take it off best. On the other hand, females with golden or olive skin have difficulties discovering one that's perfect.

golden blonde

You're no wallflower. Red is a head-turning hue, and you have to be self-assured enough to agree to the looks. Keep in mind, red locks is like a sequined outfit — it walks into the room before you do.

Medium layered rounded bob with a heavy side swept fringe

Your locks is in pretty good. If your lengths are very dry or broken, they will have difficulties having on to small, red shade elements which run out of even the best locks easily.

black to dark red ombre - subtle

Here are Ferrara’s recommendations for choosing the perfect shade of red for your skintone: 

Red hair color for light skintones 
Fair skin looks best with a light, golden, strawberry blonde to a bright copper or red. Avoid wine-colored red and burgundy though because these shades will make you look too pale.

Golden or strawberry blonde

Celebrities with red hair If you want a little celebrity inspiration, just look at Nicole Kidman, Karen Elson and Florence Welch who look fabulous with their light skin and red locks. 

Red hair color for medium skintones 
Because your skin has more pigments, your hair can too. Opt for a medium coppery blonde to medium auburn shade. 

medium auburn brown

Just steer clear of dark eggplant hues as these shades will make your skin appear yellow.

Medium red brown AUBURN- Hair Color.

Julia Roberts is the best example of someone with a medium skintone who always looks great with her red hair.

Medium Auburn Brown Hair Color

Red hair color for dark skintones 
Darker skintones look gorgeous with a medium auburn to chestnut brown shade. Super red hues, however, have too much blue in them and will make you look green, so be careful here.

Coppery red hair color

And when it comes to darker skintones, no one does red better than Rihanna, of course!

long brown hair


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