8 Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas You Should Consider

Brown hair color is one of the most common natural hair color,after black hair.It ranges from light brown to almost dark hair.
Its length are thicker than those of fair hair but not just like those of reddish hair.People who have brown or black hair are usually known as brunette.If you’re considering coloring your hair brown you’ve made an excellent option since this season natural colors are extremely fashionable.Celebrities like singers ,actresses and fashion models are picking different shades of brown.

If your natural hair is already brown however you’re considering refreshing it or masking some gray hairs ,you might like to go for ash brown hair color which is extremely trendy these days .The ash brown hair color is a shade of brown tending for gray ;other tones of brown tend to be more reddish ,but ash brown relies in blue or violet.It could be a bright and beautiful color if you discover the perfect shade along with your hairstyle .

For those who have a cool skin tone ,then colors like ash brown ,and light-colored eyes like blue ,green or hazel ,it will appear quite amazing .You can also pick from lighter to darker shades of ash brown hair color based on your choices.

Light Ash

Light ash brown hair color is great for those who have olive ( green ) toned ,or pink-toned skin .Light ash brown hair with cute bangs,long hair or layered hairstyles with natural looking makeup are just perfect .

Light Ash brunette hair color

This shade has ash tones,which indicate it will certainly reduce red /orange/ gold tones,and give your hair a cooler overall result .This will also look fantastic on fair natural blondes or people with light eyes .

Light ash brown hair

This shade might look deeper at the beginning but will fade to light brown.You should not use on hair previously colored darker than light brown ,or perhaps you find yourself with much lighter roots compared to ends .Do not use on bleached platinum blonde hair .Light ash brown hair will look very pale in the right lighting . 

lighter ash brown hair color

Medium Ash 

Medium ash brown hair color is an excellent color for people with cool toned skin or olive toned skin .This shade has ash tones so it is going to minimize red or orange tones .This color would possibly not go well with someone with warm toned skin .
medium ash brunette hair

You should not use this color on hair previously dyed richer than medium brown

Medium ash brown hair

Dark Ash 

You should not use on hair previously dyed darker than Level 4 dark brown .Do not use on hair lighter than Level 6 light brown .Do not use this color on hair that is dyed black. 

Katie Holmes's Dark Ash Brown

Dark Ash Brown ,Natural Brunette Kristen Stewart beautiful colored dark ash brown blunt bob cut .

short hairstyle for dark ash brown hair

If you are natural dark brown girl and love highlights then try this Ash/Carmel highlights.

Dark brown hair highlights

Ash tones also tend to look more natural and very flattering, especially on certain complexions. since most people's natural hair colors are either neutral or have ash tones.


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