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Hair styling product tips

Having the right hair products can really be the difference between okay hair and gorgeous hair.I was wondering if there is a correct order for placing styling products on your hair (such as mousse, root spray, serum) prior to blow drying in order to get the best benefit of these products.

Perhaps just as important as the clothes are the products that are necessary to keep a woman’s skin, hair, and face looking fresh and clean. When choosing what products to buy, there are a few that are absolute essentials and should have a permanent place in any woman’s collection. Check out these essential hair tips.

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Our hair experts have packed this post with the best hair styling product recommendations that will give your hair a healthy foundation and help you achieve beautiful hairstyles.There are also some generally accepted techniques used by professionals to adjust and adapt the specific products effects to get desired results.

Your general bodifying and all-over hold products, such as styling gels, mousse and setting lotions are usually applied to towel-dried hair prior to styling. This means that there is enough moisture in the hair to allow the products to be distributed evenly, and the results are typically as expected from this method of application.

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Also, when choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, a woman will need to pay attention to the natural texture of her hair and find the products that meet her individual needs.

The optimal products for keeping chronically oily or excessively dry looking its best will be quite disparate and top manufacturers have addressed the different needs of women by creating specific formulations to meet different hair types.

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However, applying these products to dry hair, generally requires more product to saturate the hair and evenly coat it, and this results in stiffer, stronger hold and firmer styling results that last longer. There may be situations where this is the desired effect?

Conversely, when you apply your styling products to wet hair that has yet to be towel-dried, the products are slightly (or significantly) diluted in the distribution and subsequent towel-drying phase.

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Protective, texturing and smoothing products are generally applied to damp hair prior to drying and styling, since their purpose is usually to prevent damage and frizz or fly-away strands.

These, however, can be used on dry hair at the end of the styling process in order to add shine, smooth targeted areas, or in the case of texturing products, give firmer results.

Root Sprays fall under the same category as bodifying agents and styling products. The damper the hair to which it is applied the more muted the effect will be.

For maximum volume and lift, most root spray is used during the drying process, after the hair has been partially dried.

Learning which products will give a woman the best results will largely depend on the personal needs of the woman.

If dry skin is a constant problem, buying a better moisturizer will be a more effective use of money than purchasing a top end shampoo.

To get your maximum benefit from your products, learn how they work and play around with the order in which you apply them to see the various looks you can get. Once you are comfortable with how an individual product responds with your hair in a particular application technique, you can use multiple products to further enhance the results you want.

As the seasons change, so should your fashion, beauty and hair care routine. What worked best for your hair during the warmer months of the year is not exactly what it needs as the temperatures begin to decline.

Regardless of the type of hair you have, all hair goes through noticeable changes during various seasons of the year. For fall and winter, there are a host of hair care products that aim to keep your strands in tip top shape and looking salon-ready at all times.

Hair styling products You Definitely Need.This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile if you are really concerned with getting the best product and/or the best price.

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For example, for maximum lift at the scalp, you can start with styling gel applied to damp (towel-dried) hair and begin blow drying the hair with your head inverted.

Use the root spray on the hair once dry to further pump up the lift in specific areas if you so desire.Once the hair is partially dry, use a root-lift spray at the scalp line and continue drying the hair, either with the head still inverted, or by holding the hair up and away from the scalp as you dry sections to create volume in targeted areas.

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